Never battle with smudges or streaks ever again. A semi-permanent Eyeliner Treatment from Mint Brows accentuates your eyes, enhances their shape and gives volume to your lash-line, making lashes look thicker and fuller.

Louise’s careful care and precision means that she can apply the treatment to your specifications. We specialise in creating natural and discreet looks as well as successfully designing thicker and intense lines on the lower and upper eyelids. Choose from the understated lash definer or cat’s eye.

Louis is highly trained in applying the perfect permanent eyeliner that’s gives a lifted, youthful finish that is flattering on a range of eye shapes.



  • Discreet Lash Enhancement - Upper or Lower £295

    Micro-defining points of pigment are placed between each lash to give the effect of a fuller lash line.

  • Fine Eyeliner - Upper or Lower £350

    Pigment is placed between the lashes and extended to the crest of the lash line, giving you the equivalent of a fine eyeliner.

All of our Semi Permanent Eyeliner Treatments include a refill procedure as well as aftercare products.