We offer an exclusive range of industry leading non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Louise takes great pride in being able to offer these innovative & affordable alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

Human beauty in science is based on the divine ratio of proportion. Studies have PROVEN a higher score of attractiveness is scored when faces have the golden ration. Dermal filler treatments are individually tailored to help restore that ratio in YOU and enhance your UNIQUE, natural beauty.

Don’t get too set on what treatments you would like – as they may not be what is needed to restore your facial proportions. Facial proportions are important as they are what defines ‘human beauty’ in science. And are essentially what society would determine as more beautiful. In lay terms – the divine ratio resembles an upside down triangle or a ‘heart shape’.

Arguably all of my clients are damn right beautiful before, and after. BUT equally it is still SO important to be open minded in your consultation. As what you think you want may take you further AWAY from the divine ratio of proportion and scientifically make you ‘less attractive’.




  • Lip filler 0.7ml £220
  • Lip filler 1ml £260
  • Tear thrOugh - first TREaTMENT £300
  • Tear thrOugh - top-up TREaTMENT £300
  • Chin FILLER 2ML £240
  • Chin FILLER TOP-UP £220
  • JaWLINE + Chin 2ml £450
  • JaWLINE + Chin 3ml £570
  • cheek contouring 1 syringe (subtle) £220
  • cheek contouring 2 syrInge (glam) £450
  • JOWLS / MARRIONETTE LINES / SMILE LINES - Fine Lines (Half Syringe) £160
  • JOWLS / MARRIONETTE LINES / SMILE LINES - Deep Lines (Full Syringe) £240


  • 2ml of any product £250
  • 3ml of any product £570
  • 4ml of any product £660
  • 5ml of any product £760
  • 6ml of any product £850
  • 7ml of any product £1,040
  • 8ml of any product £1,140
  • 9ml of any product £1,240

*Package only valid for individual use. All product must be used within the same booking.



Filler is made of Hyaluronic Acid. A water loving molecule that binds up to 400 x its weight in water. It works like a sponge and fills up with water upon injection filling out fine lines/wrinkles and plumping lips. Young skin is moisturized with this hyaluronic acid and naturally occurring sugar. It keeps our skin hydrated via absorption of the water. As we age, this volume of hyaluronic acid decreases and fine lines begin to appear that will eventually turn into wrinkles. In the lips, this causes thinning, loss of fullness, volume and definition. We can also develop vertical or marionette lines around the mouth that cause your mouth to droop, giving you an unhappy appearance. Nasolabial folds can also become deeper due to age-ing along with other factors such as sun exposure, lifestyle, muscle imbalances and so on.

Nasolabial folds (smile lines), Vertical lip lines ( smokers wrinkles), Marionette Lines (Jowls), Lips, Tear Troughs (Eye bags), Cheek, Jawline, Chin and Nose.

A pre numb will be used for 10 minutes prior to the procedure to help minimise any initial discomfort.  The injection itself also contains lidocaine (numb) within the product to ease pain of injection. Here at Mint Browa we use only the best products on the market, ensuring the smoothest of consistency and ease of injection.

At Mint Brows we have gone the extra mile to ensure cannulas are available for all treatments. This is where a needle is used to pierce the skin only once and then a blunt device is inserted into one entry point from which the entire treatment is carried out. This technique is proven to cause less bruising due to no sharp needles and therefore less trauma resulting in less down time. You are welcome to request a cannula if you would prefer one although this is not

recommended for lips as the area is so small and therefore a cannula would be less precise.

You may experience redness, bruising or swelling in the injected area. These effects should not last longer than 2 weeks. Light makeup can be applied 6 hours after procedure.

Every individual is different. What may give an immediate result on one client may take two or three sessions to achieve on another. Likewise, what may last 1 year on one client may last less than 12 weeks on another. This is due to several factors including lifestyle, skin type, etabolism etc. Filler does however take time to build up, regardless of how natural you want it. Please be patient and expect to visit frequently for top ups over the first year to build a base.

This will help ensure your treatment area lasts longer and once that base is in place – should need less maintenance in the future.

In most cases filler can be dissolved and reversed by hyaluronidase. This is administered via small injections to break the product down.

Louise will complete a consultation with you upon arrival to your booking with no obligation to go ahead. During the consultation Louise will discuss possible treatment outcomes and may even suggest alternative treatments to help you meet your expectations. Please be open minded, Louise has one goal – to make YOU the best version of you.

If you’re torn between two treatments don’t worry – feel free to book either. It’s very common for people to change treatment during the consultation with Louise. She appreciates not everyone knows what they want and will work with her clients to understand their needs and expectations on the day!

The technician will review your features/lifestyle during your consultation and will use the product most suited to you for optimum results and longevity. We pride ourselves as a premium brand and therefore only use premium products.

I advise all clients to wait a minimum of 48hrs before flying. It is very rare for complications to occur however in theses circumstances you would need to return to the clinic for an emergency reversal protocol.

No, all clients need to register to make a booking, pay a deposit and agree to the T+C’s online. The time slots are very limited and it’s not possible to squeeze two clients into one booking.

As per the T+C’s all booking fees payments are STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you wish to change the date of your booking we require a minimum of 7 days notice. To make a change to your booking please log into the booking system.

All clients must be 18 at the time of the treatment. Anyone that looks under the age of 25 will be asked for ID.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the business we are not insured to allow children on the premises. If you arrive with children you will be asked to leave and therefore forfeit your deposit. I apologise in advance for the inconvenience.