It’s all about the BROWS

At Mint Brows we feel the best option for any client is to follow their natural shape and give definition to their natural look rather than following trends. What sets Louise apart is her use of fine, natural hair stroke techniques using a state-of-the-art cosmetic tattooing machine & skill that gives clients a fresh, flattering look tailored to each individual customer.

 For the last 3 years Louise has worked hard on her methods, techniques creating current and fresh styles through her never-ending pursuit of knowledge and training. Anyone will notice what sets Louise apart right away. Louise aims to make any process and your experience fun, easy and safe with a touch of beauty! 



  • Realistic Eyebrows (includes consultation ) £330

    This effect is created using eyebrow enhancing, ultra-fine hair strokes that blend seamlessly into your natural brow. If perhaps, you have barely visible or thin eyebrows, which can be caused by over plucking or ageing then we would recommend this treatment. It will mimic your existing brow to enhance its natural shape creating a lasting effect that requires little maintenance.

  • OmbrE Eyebrows (includes consultation ) £300

    100% customisable, this treatment option gives a shaded look just as if you would have applied a brow powder. If you have some eyebrow growth but are looking to add to their definition or correct their shaping, this will be an excellent treatment choice. Choose from natural, translucent, defined or made up and bring a better focus to your eyebrows

  • The Combination Brow (includes consultation) ) £330

    The combination brow treatment builds on the natural landscape of your brows, creating long-lasting, hair strokes combined with a mist of shading adds texture, density & volume. Avoid the hassle of filling in your brows each morning with a combination of both hair stroke & shading, the perfect option to make your dream brows a reality.

  • Colour BoOst £165

    Recommended every 12–18 months. Please note: if over two years then price will increase to £280.



It’s great that we can now offer a variety of eyebrow designs and techniques to suit everyone’s individual needs. Whether it’s Ombre brows, Hair-stroke, Combination or Microblade Brows, there is definitely a style to suit everybody, depending on the look they are after.

The Ombre effect is suitable for every skin type and is used to create a makeup effect from a soft natural day time look to a very defined brow. This technique is applied with a transition shadow effect from dark to light.

Hair-stroke brows create a really natural looking eyebrow. The pigment is applied on to the skin, replicating fine hair strokes and create a fluffy, soft and natural looking brow.

Combination brows is a mixture of Hair-stroke and Ombre effect techniques, perfect for those who want to have a more defined brow. We can fill in sparse areas of brow with fine strokes and then give the eyebrows the desired level of definition. With this technique we can create either a soft but defined look, or bushy bolder looking eyebrows. If you are unsure of what treatment would suit you the best, you can trust your eyebrows in our hands and we will be happy to advise and help you to decide the most suitable option.

The level of pain is one of the main concerns my clients have before they book in for the treatment. I can reassure you that it is nothing to be worried about and that the level of pain is minimal to hardly anything. It is very common for my clients to fall asleep and drift off to the music while I artfully apply their permanent makeup enhancement.

Anaesthetic creams are also used pre and during the treatment to ensure maximum comfort.

Permanent makeup is not as permanent as it sounds. Any permanent makeup treatment will usually fade over 1 year to a level that will require colour boosting with another layer of colour. The technique or styling can be changed at that point and every year you can slightly adjust the way your brows look to give either a more defined or more natural style and shape.

If you decide to opt out and not to have a colour boost done, the residue of pigment colour in the skin can stay for around 3 to 7 years or even longer, until it fades to the level that is not visible to the human eye. It is called permanent as some pigment might stay in the skin for the rest of your life, but it won’t be visible or noticeable.

During the pre-treatment consultation I’ll discuss with my clients what colour and shape they desire and we’ll look at the examples and decide on the most suitable technique.

I colour match the correct colour tone depending on the desired look and natural client tones. If they want a more defined result that would look like makeup for example, I would choose darker and ashier tones but if client desires a softer natural look, then lighter and warmer tones would be more appropriate.

For shaping I always try to follow the client’s natural eyebrow growth. I only slightly enhance them and give them a bespoke shape that would suit their face the most. Following the natural features and bone structure always creates the most stunningly brows.

I custom draw every single pair of brows and the eyebrow shape template is then showed to the client for approval. The best brows are achieved though discussion with the client and by making small, tiny adjustments to satisfy individual taste. This makes my eyebrows unique for every client.

The healing process is individual to every client. If the aftercare routine is followed as advised by your technician, it should take around 7-10 days. Eyebrows are considered to be fully healed around 4-6 weeks after the treatment as only then the enhancement can be seen at its best and the skin is back to its previous pre-treatment condition. During this period your eyebrow might seem lighter or less defined then what you have expected, but it slowly saturates and becomes more visible until they are fully healed around 6 weeks later.

The proper eyebrow aftercare does include a gentle cleansing routine twice daily. It is advised that for the best healing results, you should avoid steamy baths and showers, chlorinated pools and going swimming or splash washing your face. Keep them dry and clean for around 7-10 days and apply the aftercare ointment provided for maximum comfort and best results.

There is not much maintenance needed for your brows. One they are done, they are done. You wake up eyebrows ready for about a year, every single morning. It’s amazing!

If you would like to keep them defined for as long as possible, then our general advice is to avoid sun exposure or sun beds and to use SPF cream to reduce the effect of the sun on your brows. Sun does make your brows fade quicker so make sure the sun cream is applied whenever you’re out enjoying the sunny weather.

Brow trends change every single year. Looking back two decades ago it was popular to have the thinnest possible brow that would be shaped like a rainbow, but trends have changed. Lots of my clients have over plucked their brows following trends and they now have uneven, sparse or patchy eyebrows that never grew back the way they were.

Over the last couple of years, it has been the trend to have thicker, bolder and sharper looking brows, but trends will change again.

The good news is that we are in a time when the most natural looking brows is the trend. The classic look never goes out of fashion, so a soft, daytime makeup, looking brow will always look classy and stylish.

Personally, I think the best option for any client is to follow their natural shape and give definition to their natural look rather than following trends.

So, there you have it, your ultimate guide to Permanent Eyebrows.

My  Semi Permanent eyebrow treatments are designed to restore, repair and enhance, giving the illusion of full, perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows – a long-lasting look that’s incredibly natural.

Eyebrows are not one style fits all and that’s why Mint Brows is the home to an exceptionally talented artist, who uses her brow know how to create bespoke brows that are the perfect fit.


Choose from wide range of brow services:

  • Realistic brows
  • Soft edge ombré brows
  • Microblading

Whatever your brow ambition, I can help you achieve realistic, precisely drawn hair strokes, which will undoubtedly enhance your appearance and help your brows reach their full potential.