Mint Brows is owned by Louise, a visionary professional hairdressing & permanent makeup artist with over 20 years of experience in hairdressing. After opening her own salon in Dundee, Scotland, Louise has gained a reputation for exceptional work, customer care & passion. Her artistic & creative abilities have carried on into her career as a permanent makeup artist also known as micro-pigmentation.



We can all appreciate a good brow right, but if you don’t know your Ombre from your Hair-stroke or Combination brow, and think it’s all still just about Microblading, fear not! Our very talented Louise is here to give you the full lowdown on everything you need to know about permanent makeup eyebrows.

we offer a wide variety of eyebrow designs and techniques to suit everyone’s individual needs. Whether it’s Ombre brows, Hair-stroke, Combination or Microblade Brows, there is definitely a style to suit everybody, depending on the look they are after.



Our semi-permanent Eyeliner Treatment from Mint Brows accentuates your eyes, enhances their shape and gives volume to your lash-line, making lashes look thicker and fuller. We specialise in creating natural and discreet looks as well as successfully designing thicker and intense lines on the lower and upper eyelids.

We are highly trained in applying the perfect permanent eyeliner that’s gives a lifted, youthful finish that is flattering on a range of eye shapes.



Beautiful lips can be created by adding natural colour where needed, allowing to achieve instant fullness and definition. Subtle corrections can be made to thin, uneven or asymmetrical lips and the size and shape can be altered as desired.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation

At Mint Brows, Louise also specialise in Scalp Micro-pigmentation, a non-invasive, medical hair tattoo treatment for all types of hair loss for male and female clients. Louise is extremely proud to have carried out treatments for clients suffering from every type of hair loss, from minor alopecia cases, receding hairlines and thinning of the crown, through to male pattern baldness, female hair loss and head scars for over 4 years.  



Our gorgeous clinic is where the magic happens. Based in the heart of Cupar, Louise and the Mint Brows team are on hand to make you feel amazing.